Transfers have closed now. No tickets can be changed at this point. Do not email us asking.


Use these forms below to transfer your ticket or swap cabins with someone else. Resold tickets can go to non-members, but they need to be hosted by a member who is attending.  You will need write the host's name, and they become responsible for that person during the weekend as their guest.

Hosts: you can have several guests during the same year, but each should be a friend.  You are responsible for the guests you bring, so don't buy tickets for anyone you don't know or trust. Please review Sustain-Release's Rules/FAQ, and help us maintain the great and respectful vibe brought to S-R for the last four years.

Transfers & swaps are completed manually and might take up to a week. We will send the transferred ticket directly to the new attendee and an email confirmation to you when completed. You exchange the ticket money directly between seller + buyer.

Post in the forum to sell/find tickets or cabin swaps.